FREE Self Defense Seminar for Women and Teenage Girls


On a daily basis we see news of women and girls being assaulted and this is not just happening in other parts of the world it’s happening right here in our own neighborhoods. Would you be able to defend yourself or would you be the next victim? We need to be ready to defend ourselves by learning the basics of Self Defense and it is so important to me that I decided to sponsor a free self defense seminar hosted by Elite Martial Arts and Renshi Guy Ouellette, a sixth degree black belt in Karate.

If you are a woman or a teenage girl (grade 7 or up) then please come out to Elite Martial Arts on Saturday October 21, 12pm to 2pm and join us to learn invaluable self defense techniques that could one day save your life.

REGISTRATION: please email me at or click on the “Contact” link in the menu and let me know you will be attending as well as who will be attending with you.

This seminar is usually offered for $25/person but it is being offered FREE of charge by I’m offering it free because money should never be the reason why someone doesn’t learn how to defend themselves. If you wish to donate feel free to click on the “Donate” link in the menu and support me for the upcoming World Championships in Orlando.

Let’s get the word out and make sure none of us become the next victim!

Representing Canada

IMG_0233Me with Canadian teammates from Alberta and from my dojo, Elite Martial Arts, in Dublin, Ireland


Last year I went to the WKC World Championship in Dublin, Ireland to represent Canada. It was such an exciting competition and I brought home the Gold in continuous light contact fighting as well as three bronze medals. This year it’s my third year on team Canada and the Worlds are in Orlando but this one will be a little different for me because on top of fighting I will also compete in traditional weapons with my katana. Walking in with your teammates at Opening Ceremonies with the Canadian flag around your shoulders is such an honour. Making new friends is always fun as well as seeing old ones like my teammates from 5 Elements in Calgary. But for now I’m training hard at Elite Martial Arts to be battle ready come November. I just want to finish by saying a big thank-you to all those that support me including my coaches, teammates and sponsors. If you want to help me out let me know. THANKS!