2019 WKC World Championships

Once again this year I had the honour to represent Canada on the world stage at the WKC World Championships in Niagara Falls USA. It was great to have Sensei Alex make the trip to coach Sensei Hector, Adrian and I. Believe it or not this was the first time my own Sensei coached me at worlds so it was truly special. Hopefully next year we will have even more going to worlds from our dojo, Capicio Zen Karate.

This year I competed in point-sparring and continuous fighting. Unfortunately in point-sparring I ended up on the same side of the bracket as my good friend, Vicki and she got the better of me in extra time in the semi-finals. She went on to win Gold and I got Bronze. In continuous fighting I went against an American in both the semi-finals as well as the finals and became World Champion!

Stepping on top of the podium and hearing the Canadian anthem is so special. I also like the tradition of trading team clothing with our opponent, so this year I came back with a Team USA jacket. Another special moment this year was to have Enzo become World Champion as well. We trained together for many years when I was in Ottawa and it was great to see that his hard work and perseverance finally paid off.

I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to my karate family at Capicio Zen Karate who welcomed me with open arms when we moved to Alberta. Also, I want to thank Sensei Alex and Sensei Hector who have taken the time to train and coach me. Thanks to all my sponsors who keep believing in me.

Now it’s back to training to get ready for next year in Spain!


Welcome to Alberta and to … Capicio Zen Karate!

So back in July we finally arrived in Alberta and Sensei Ben had recommended that I check out Capicio Zen Karate owned by Sensei Alex. I just had to train there once to know that this was the place for me. They were so accepting and encouraging, and I felt right at home. They have great kickboxing classes which I really enjoy and was grateful to start training in continuous fighting again. It is also nice to have two other members of the dojo competing at worlds with me next week.

I just want to say a big thank-you to Sensei Alex and Sensei Hector for the training and the encouragement. Also, thanks to all my sponsors that support me on my karate journey. Go Canada Go!

More Changes!

Well, my family and I are moving to Alberta this coming summer. What a change that will be. To think that I was just getting used to being part of Douvris Orleans and now I’ll have to find a new Dojo. With the upcoming move I decided to only compete at WKC this year and focus on point sparring. Worlds this year are in Niagara Falls, USA but first I need to qualify at the WKC Nationals in Ottawa in May.


WKU Worlds – Greece

Wow! Greece is such a beautiful country. These were my 5th world championships and as the saying from Nelson Mandela goes, “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” well, I ended up learning a lot. It can be extremely disappointing to put so much effort into a competition and leaving with no hardware. Learning to let go of the things you cannot control is an invaluable lesson but it’s still not a fun one to learn.

I had a great time cheering on my teammates and spending time with friends. I exchanged my Canada t-shirt with a competitor from Wales just like I did 2 years ago in Orlando. I also got to be coached by Sensei Guy which was nice to reconnect with my old Sensei.

Now it’s time to take a break and refocus for 2019!

New beginning…

This week I started training at Douvris Orleans with Sensei Ben. Though it’s always hard to leave the known for the unknown I am excited to see what the future holds. Douvris Orleans is conveniently located at Ray Friel so if you’d like to come check it out and start up Karate take a look at this introductory offer. Hope to see you there!


Black Belt Class of 2018


What an incredible weekend! The grading spans over three days which not only makes it hard physically but mentally as well. I am so proud of all thirteen of us that trained together every week since January under the legendary Black Belt Training of Sensei Rick and persevered through the grading to earn our Black Belts.

Something that made it extra special this time around was my sister, Kalli, grading with me. Surrounded by my fellow students and lead by so many great Sensei’s that give their time and energy to see us succeed, I could not have done it without them and I’ll forever be thankful to all of them. It was truly an inspiration to see Sensei Maria going for her second degree and showing me that young or old you can always set new goals and work hard to achieve them.

My journey started six years ago, here at Elite Martial Arts and if it weren’t for Sensei Guy and his tireless dedication to our dojo, the students and to me this day could never have happened. Thanks Sensei Guy!

Greece! Here I come!

Springtime is always so busy with tournaments and qualifications for Worlds but since it’s my 4th year competing I’ve really gotten to know lots of the girls and it’s great seeing them all again and getting to know some new competitors.

This year my eyes were on qualifying for the WKU World Championships in Greece. At nationals I became the national champ in point fighting and light contact and also came second in weapons. I also fought up a weight category and came 3rd. This means that I am on the Canadian WKU National team and will be heading to Greece at the end of October.

For the first time this year I competed in the WAKO Nationals and one of my highlights was getting coached by my friend, Vicky from Quebec City. I got first in both point-sparring and light contact and this qualified me to be on the Canadian national team for the Worlds in Italy but my parents told me that money doesn’t grow on trees so I had to decline this opportunity.

And finally I had the WKC Nationals right here in Ottawa. I won gold in light contact making me the national champ in three different federations but in point sparring it was my friend Vicky who beat me and took first place and stopped me from getting all three national titles in point sparring. Unfortunately the WKC World Championships in Ireland overlaps by a few days with the WKU World Championships so I won’t be able to make it to Ireland this year since I’ll be busy competing in Greece.

Happy New Year!

happy new year

I thought this would be a great time to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my sponsors and supporters for 2017. Your support means so much to me! It allowed me to get some unique training opportunities and help me travel to the World Championships in Orlando.

Here are some of my highlights for 2017:

  • World Championships in Orlando – 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze and a 4th place
  • Selected to the top Canadian team for both point sparring and continuous team fighting at Worlds
  • Training with Sensei Morgan Plowden in Orlando
  • Competing in Las Vegas
  • Qualifying on Team Canada for Weapons for the first time
  • Hosted a free self defense seminar for Women and Teen Girls

Coming up in 2018:

  • Qualifying for Worlds
  • Competing in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, London (ON), Philadelphia, Orlando and Europe
  • Competing for the first time in Extreme Kata

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

2017 WKC World Championships


Thanks to the great support and generosity of my sponsors I was able to go to my fourth World Championships which took place in Orlando in November. Getting to represent Canada on the World stage is always such an honour. It’s always such a great time to meet up with my Canadian teammates from other dojos across Canada and to reconnect with competitors from other countries and make some new friends. In both my individual fights I lost in the Semi-Finals to Sophia, a Guatemalan, who went on to win the Gold. On the podium she asked me if we could exchange jackets and of course my answer was YES!

This year I was able to have a private training session with Sensei Morgan Plowden. She is an incredible world champion and getting to learn from her was amazing, I didn’t want it to end. And yes, even though she is an American she was still willing to teach a little Canadian like me.

Something new for me this year was competing in traditional weapons and after the first round I was in 3rd place and moved on to the finals. Unfortunately, in the final round I moved down one spot and didn’t place.

One of the most exciting parts of Worlds for me is team fighting. The format is 3 fighters from 3 different weight classes from one country against 3 fighters from another country. For those that know me I’m sure you know that I was the smallest one on my team and fighting in the lower weight class. In team point sparring we fought against the Americans for Gold and we got to hear the Canadian anthem standing on top of the podium. In team continuous fighting we lost in the finals against England and took home the silver.

Finally, I want to thank those that coach me and get me ready for Worlds. Renshi Guy, from Elite Martial Arts, has so much experience and a wealth of knowledge and for the past 5 years he’s been investing into me. When I get to Worlds Renshi Maeghen from 5_Elements takes over and makes sure I’m at the top of my game for the competition. A BIG thank-you to the both of them!

Support Local and Me at the same time!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered up with a local business here in Orleans called Pumpkins & Peanuts. Amongst other things they make Natural Soap, handcrafted with local ingredients. I’m selling five different kinds of soap (see pictures below) so put in your order by November 3rd and you will receive your order by Mid-December right on time for Christmas! They cost $6.50/bar of soap or get 5 for $30. To order click here and send me a note with the quantity of each kind you would like to order and when I receive it I will confirm with you the total amount and you will be able to pay by Credit Card or by e-transfer or by giving me cash when I deliver them to you. For those outside the Ottawa/Gatineau region I’m sorry but I won’t be able to deliver and postage would be too expensive. Thanks again for your support!