2019 WKC World Championships

Once again this year I had the honour to represent Canada on the world stage at the WKC World Championships in Niagara Falls USA. It was great to have Sensei Alex make the trip to coach Sensei Hector, Adrian and I. Believe it or not this was the first time my own Sensei coached me at worlds so it was truly special. Hopefully next year we will have even more going to worlds from our dojo, Capicio Zen Karate.

This year I competed in point-sparring and continuous fighting. Unfortunately in point-sparring I ended up on the same side of the bracket as my good friend, Vicki and she got the better of me in extra time in the semi-finals. She went on to win Gold and I got Bronze. In continuous fighting I went against an American in both the semi-finals as well as the finals and became World Champion!

Stepping on top of the podium and hearing the Canadian anthem is so special. I also like the tradition of trading team clothing with our opponent, so this year I came back with a Team USA jacket. Another special moment this year was to have Enzo become World Champion as well. We trained together for many years when I was in Ottawa and it was great to see that his hard work and perseverance finally paid off.

I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to my karate family at Capicio Zen Karate who welcomed me with open arms when we moved to Alberta. Also, I want to thank Sensei Alex and Sensei Hector who have taken the time to train and coach me. Thanks to all my sponsors who keep believing in me.

Now it’s back to training to get ready for next year in Spain!


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