Black Belt Class of 2018


What an incredible weekend! The grading spans over three days which not only makes it hard physically but mentally as well. I am so proud of all thirteen of us that trained together every week since January under the legendary Black Belt Training of Sensei Rick and persevered through the grading to earn our Black Belts.

Something that made it extra special this time around was my sister, Kalli, grading with me. Surrounded by my fellow students and lead by so many great Sensei’s that give their time and energy to see us succeed, I could not have done it without them and I’ll forever be thankful to all of them. It was truly an inspiration to see Sensei Maria going for her second degree and showing me that young or old you can always set new goals and work hard to achieve them.

My journey started six years ago, here at Elite Martial Arts and if it weren’t for Sensei Guy and his tireless dedication to our dojo, the students and to me this day could never have happened. Thanks Sensei Guy!

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