Greece! Here I come!

Springtime is always so busy with tournaments and qualifications for Worlds but since it’s my 4th year competing I’ve really gotten to know lots of the girls and it’s great seeing them all again and getting to know some new competitors.

This year my eyes were on qualifying for the WKU World Championships in Greece. At nationals I became the national champ in point fighting and light contact and also came second in weapons. I also fought up a weight category and came 3rd. This means that I am on the Canadian WKU National team and will be heading to Greece at the end of October.

For the first time this year I competed in the WAKO Nationals and one of my highlights was getting coached by my friend, Vicky from Quebec City. I got first in both point-sparring and light contact and this qualified me to be on the Canadian national team for the Worlds in Italy but my parents told me that money doesn’t grow on trees so I had to decline this opportunity.

And finally I had the WKC Nationals right here in Ottawa. I won gold in light contact making me the national champ in three different federations but in point sparring it was my friend Vicky who beat me and took first place and stopped me from getting all three national titles in point sparring. Unfortunately the WKC World Championships in Ireland overlaps by a few days with the WKU World Championships so I won’t be able to make it to Ireland this year since I’ll be busy competing in Greece.

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