2017 WKC World Championships


Thanks to the great support and generosity of my sponsors I was able to go to my fourth World Championships which took place in Orlando in November. Getting to represent Canada on the World stage is always such an honour. It’s always such a great time to meet up with my Canadian teammates from other dojos across Canada and to reconnect with competitors from other countries and make some new friends. In both my individual fights I lost in the Semi-Finals to Sophia, a Guatemalan, who went on to win the Gold. On the podium she asked me if we could exchange jackets and of course my answer was YES!

This year I was able to have a private training session with Sensei Morgan Plowden. She is an incredible world champion and getting to learn from her was amazing, I didn’t want it to end. And yes, even though she is an American she was still willing to teach a little Canadian like me.

Something new for me this year was competing in traditional weapons and after the first round I was in 3rd place and moved on to the finals. Unfortunately, in the final round I moved down one spot and didn’t place.

One of the most exciting parts of Worlds for me is team fighting. The format is 3 fighters from 3 different weight classes from one country against 3 fighters from another country. For those that know me I’m sure you know that I was the smallest one on my team and fighting in the lower weight class. In team point sparring we fought against the Americans for Gold and we got to hear the Canadian anthem standing on top of the podium. In team continuous fighting we lost in the finals against England and took home the silver.

Finally, I want to thank those that coach me and get me ready for Worlds. Renshi Guy, from Elite Martial Arts, has so much experience and a wealth of knowledge and for the past 5 years he’s been investing into me. When I get to Worlds Renshi Maeghen from 5_Elements takes over and makes sure I’m at the top of my game for the competition. A BIG thank-you to the both of them!

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